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The problem is my battery is always no powerfull and i have to charge it manually. Sir, my motorcycle need 3 phase shunt motorcycle regulator. Gxcdizx Universal Mosfet regulator rectifier 50 AMP & Upgrade kit Replaces SHINDENGEN FH020AA ATV Motorcycle Snowmobile PWC $32.00 Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I'll find out just haw accurate my theory is for the current to ground when clipped at 60 volts, rather than shunting all current to ground. I am also the founder of the website:, where I love sharing my innovative circuit ideas and tutorials. Motorcycle Regulator-Rectifier With Low Power Dissipation 2015-10-31. Fun, Fun, Fun! I am an electronic engineer (dipIETE ), hobbyist, inventor, schematic/PCB designer, manufacturer. It is a fact of life: parts will eventually go bad. do i have to change R1 and Z2 value if I want to use IRF540, also if i wanted to use more than one mosfet, do i have to clone R1 and Z2 also? This is not an Alternator model. For a start try to understand what is the correct voltage. Apply thermal paste, this is also VERY important. Imagine valve with spring, that's the same principle. Is there a solution for this? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. The objective of any voltage regulator - to receive a voltage and lower it to the certain desired level and hold it at that level. A when I pot it into the I have to insure that the FETs have no gap to the housing. Do these operations with all three phases (all three bridges that is). Any solution to reduce heat dissipation of transistor to make it quiet cooler without a big heatsink. Those wires must be very tough and multicore, all the load processed by VR is put on them. but I don't know whether this is true or not. You can never be 110% sure. Electric current is, as we know from school physics course, a "directional movement of electrons". At the start (30 minutes or so) you can help small bubbles to gather into big ones, afterwards look on the consistency of the epoxy not to make craters on the surface. Most bike builders hate working with motorcycle wiring, but not Joe. A regulation is engaged in "secret" Integrated circuit that controls powerfull thyristors (highlighted in red) that short-cut the generator to itself through the diode bridge if the voltage exceeds limits. The resistive divider values shown in the diagram may not be correctly adjusted, they are arbitrarily chosen. By the way i tested it using led lamp with a tester on both terminals..voltage was around 3volts only..but when supply is below 13v, voltage outputs is just fine.. This is not a mistake. Thx. R1 = 1KD1 = 1N4007C1 = 100uF/25VIC1 = IC741T1 = mosfet J162, R2/Z1, R3/R4 = as explained in this article. 64-65 and was improved after fruitful discussions with Matthias Otto (Thank you, Matthias!). In this scenario, the scheme does not cease to give tension, but no longer able to cope with its tasks. as i see there is already a zener in series with the transistor base (i'm going to use mosfet instead of tip transistor). They do not require a TIP142 to drive them. You need to optimize the configuration such that p-mosfet is completely switched off against 12V output from the op-amp or such that n-mosfet is completely switched on against 0V output from the op-amp. First of all, check the integrity of the diode bridges, this poor thing suffer most. Voltage Regulator Rectifier Units Oregon Motorcycle Parts. This step is HIGHLY important, because the better is the surface the better bridges and BTAs will adjoin to the radiator and it will guarantee good heat transfer. Using the shunt at the AC side would mean using 3 separate SCRs which can be even costlier than using a high wattage diode? It all started with the my friend, who have asked me to resolve the problem with Voltage Regulator on Honda X4 urgently. One motorcycle part, the regulator rectifier, generally gives some additional signals that it is not operating correctly. connect the output "+" and "-" to the 12V battery, ie energize the circuit. For fans speed up the process: adding more thickener to glue, epoxy resin may lose their dielectric properties. yes obviously the rectifier will heat up and that's why it must either rated 3 times more than the max alternator current or mounted over a suitable heatsink. Lamberts Bikes Motorcycle Part Wiring Diagrams. When it comes to alternators, the best way to restrict or limit excess voltage is to short the excess power or shunt the excess power to ground. My wires are 4, this is approximately 3 mm diameter for multicore wire. dear sir could you help me to modify your circuit ( made with tl431 and tip 147) to put n-mosfet thanks. while my power supply is pretty much limited by the size of the transformer which is 5A and the voltage is set to 18V when the problem occures. Testing a Regulator/Rectifier. The operating principles of the stabilizers are divided into impulse, linear and shunt. I put the cooling fan too but the result is the same. 2 wires on the (6-pin) plug are white with a brown stripe, one is plain white. On the above pictures with schemes power lines are highlighted thick, it is no coincidence. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I can summarize that the switch point should be steeper (smaller margin between off and on). The rectifier actually converts the power from AC to DC, while the regulator keeps the power level (voltage) from going above the 13.8 -14.5 volts needed to power a standard 12 volt battery. If it does not work: somewhere screwed up or bought the faulty chip. Does not work: looking for faulty BTA semistors - change with a new one. The more ribs you have and the higher they are - the better clooling yiu will receive. It is worth noting that we speak of the shunt relay controller. Note3: in bridge name "KBPC3510" 35 means 35 ampere (you can take more but it's way too overprotected 35 is more than enough) and 10 means 1000 volts, so if there is 12 it would mean 1200 volts also overprotection, peak voltages woun't exceed 300-400 V, so 1000 is the golden point. The circuit functioning may be understood as under: When the mobike is started, voltage enters across the P-channel mosfet source/drain pins due to the gate trigger that becomes available via R1. It is important to take into account that you need to check voltage on the position of about 1/3 of the engine speed, ie, if you have a motor spinning up to 10 000 RPM, then calibrate at 3000 RPM. You wanted a shunt regulator so i suggested shunt regulator design. The circuit of a motorcycle shunt regulator discussed in this article takes a completely different approach and restricts the in-flow of excess voltage instead of "killing" energy and thus stops the generation of unnecessary heat. Same here bro..zener burns out and output becomes very low..but when input voltage is lower than the zener output is same as input.. Sir i cudn't find BTA26 600, i find BTA 41 it can apply this tell me now thanks. Regulator scheme immediately suspects something is not right and decides at all costs, to keep required 14.5V output, bu the way, there is a battery at the output, which perfectly smoothes surges and controls the required 14.5V. Now, check that your output wires do not shortcut, do not lay on the bike frame, do not lay on your hands etc. Reply what parameters and formula do you use for calculating R1 value, is it R = (Us – Vbe).Hfe / Load CurrentR = (100 – 3.5).1000/10 = 9650 Ohm, I want to be able to calculate R1 value if I want to use another NPN transistor, the formula and the calculation is correct, however here we would want to allow the transistor to shunt maximum amount of current so that the regulation is effectively maintained, therefore any smaller value resistor can eb selected, it does not need to be calculated….and moreover since the TIP142 is a Darlington it will have a huge gain and any resistor between 1K and 50K will have almost the same results, therefore precision can be ignored, Mosfet design may harm Stator and rectifier, as Hayden pointed outSecond design may harm the rectifierSimple design will blow up./Soren, sorry, your analysis is incorrect for the second and the last circuits. Product name JH125 RegulatorApplicable Motor JH125 WY125-A GY6 DY100Characteristics1. Pure epoxy and hardener together, mix it well, follow instructions on the box or wherever they are. I have checked and yes tl431 ic was broken. On the first picture on the charts we see blue, red and green three phases of our generator passed through the diode bridge. Using a 6-volt regulator rectifier in a 12V system will cause it to over overheat and fail. An even simpler motorcycle shunt regulator using the shunt regulator IC TL431 can be witnessed below, the 3k3 resistor can eb tweaked to chnage the output voltage to the most favorable level. As I said earlier, the most likely cause of failure of the relay - the breakdown of any diode in the rectifier bridge. which one is giving you the problem, please specify the diagram. I gave both schemes, for 3-phase and three single-phase bridges, but I strongly recommend to make VR with three separated bridges, because it makes this VR almost ultimate. So, in the preparation of the adhesive, follow the instructions. Podtronics regulator rectifier wiring diagram rd350 understanding motorcycle voltage sparx single phase powerbox instructions adding a battery to my startv bike 4 pin full yamaha old biker bert s british site half wave 12v suzuki furthermore honda recon 250 solid state trail tech ktm 2 r6 diagrams hd new way better wire in … Anyway, in other case you can skip it or move to Step 3. How to connect a new era alternator voltage regulator wiring diagram.Or a schematic diagram of the charging system. The 15V zener is for protecting the MOSFET gate…….the 28V should be set by modifying the 3k3, 4k7 resistors appropriately. Joe Tessitore is a strange guy. For a 6 V battery, the full charge limit should be 7 V. So the principle is the same, the 6 V battery cannot discharge through the transistor below the full charge 7 V level. here R4 in the second last diagram and 3k3 in the last diagram can be appropriately adjusted for setting up the circuits to any desired stabilized output within 20V. Check if your wiring is correct again. There are two differences between them and they are very serious. But measuring the output voltage you are unlikely to find the correct voltage. 15V 10 Amp Voltage Regulator Circuit Using IC LM196 the following article will probably assist you on the points''Voltage Regulator rectifier units Oregon Motorcycle Parts April 29th, 2018 - For bikes with electromagnet alternators the rectifier and voltage regulator built into one unit''how to install brake lights on a classic bike • matchless the regulator will regulate regardless of the battery condition, and not increase above the set value. Answer Flush, level dropped, the water ran out, and it all goes all over again. How to make a reliable motorcycle voltage regulator. Regulator rectifier diagram here you are at our site this is images about regulator rectifier diagram posted by maria nieto in wiring category on may 08 2019. In experiments with the running motor better do NOT connect on-board electric network as a load because in some weird cases of force majeure there is a possibility to burn out all the electronics on the bike. I assumed that, like junction transistors, the more power they handle, the more power needed to drive them. Of course, I will try it out before I actually mount it into the housing, but I don't expect to make any modifications. Realizing that these FETs use almost no gate current at all makes quite a difference. Can the old rectifier be bypassed? GY6 regulator rectifier for honda motorcycle parts. Each diagram includes the part and associated parts all in one wiring diagram. Diagram wiring regulator rectifier full version hd quality upwiringk ronan kerdudou fr honda desk tartufoavaltopina it yamaha for 8 wyomingwiring2 prodottigarnana 5 pin diagramxkato santamariadipiazzabustoarsizio motogadget m unit ricks help cafe racer forum building a motorcycle electronics forums 4 lamberts bikes adding battery to my startv bike moped army library b sposamiora … That was another issue with one of the others. Personally I skipped further parts of this step, but you can check everything. The reason for heat generation is the principle of its operation where the excess voltage is short circuited to ground. ….As for the second doubt, yes the p-channel will actually not switch OFF at all, but an NPN will certainly do, an N channel mosfet will switch off completely so the diagram needs a lot of corrections….I have already addressed a similar issue in the following article, you may have a look at it:, Hi Abu-Hafss, I think you did not get haydens point, according to him automobile alternator output needs to be loaded in order to regulate (bring down) the line voltage, other means of regulation that does not load the alternator winding will cause harm to the particular winding, The shunting of the excess voltage to ground satisfies the loading condition of the alternator and thus this method must be employed for regulating alternator outputs…. regulator/rectifier. I have only 5W 330 ohms resistors in my magazin. I've checked my build even if I moved it from one table to another. you can try adding a finned type heatsink to the transistor for enabling a better heat control, such as this: Make a very good bath in your heat sink. DC current does not. By the time the housing starts getting warm, you'd burn your fingers on the components. mosfets are sensitive devices and sometimes unpredictable, unless these are precisely handled in the circuit, you can get more details here: Thank you sir for your explanation. On the picture, perhaps, the most complete regulator circuit is shown that can be found in the manual on Japanese motorcycles. Transparent liquid is epoxy, near it stands hardener. 5, I mean five times check what wire are you soldering and where. check leads in both directions from phase to plus contact. I used a 13V zenner and had 13.5-14V output, if you'll use 14V diode, you'll probably get 14.3-15V. 1 year ago, Hey was wondering if you found a DYI on this 6V Regulator you asked about? Replace the voltage regulator if the reading is higher or lower than the 13.5 to 14.5 volt range to prevent insufficient or excessive charging. you can tweak the 3k3 resistor value to achieve the correct output. To understand what it is, imagine that your wire is the channel, and the current - water flowing over it. Thin lines show the low-voltage lines, where you can take advantage of flexible thin wires. How to deal with it I will explain later. The immediate high logic pulse restricts the negative base trigger of the mosfet, switching it OFF at that particular instant. How can I match the wires to your regulator? Same for the triac marking. I see, I will try with the suggested transistor then. The 10-100 regulator is connected to the harncss via the 3 single wires with spade terminals (these plug into the wires that originally were going to the tabs on the OE regulator). If an ordinary battery is acid, its rate of charge lays within 13.8 - 14.5 V. If the battery is gel, the rate is 14.5-15.5 V. Different sources say different. 1) 2-pin Regulator: This type may be found on some small bicycles which do not have battery and only have Head Lamp & Tail Lamp. i want to fix output 12v my op-amp is lm339p many thanks. One change I may make is the series diode in the monitor line. Now, if we'll shortcut our Zener Diod (solder a jumper) 16th to 8th legs have NOT to be shortcut. In Honda X4 phase wires and plus-minus wires are separated into two power connectors one has three terminals, the other - four. Auto VR adjusts the voltage on the field winding of the generator. and yes if the power device fails and stops shunting due to some reason then the IC 741 will be at risk and might get damaged due to unrestricted I would recommend to provide some kind of protection to pin#7 of the IC, by using a regulator IC such as a 7812 or a 12V zener (through a limiting resistor). Hi Aytac, you must adjust the resistor values to get the correct desired shunting threshold. Would you please provide some explanations in favor of your remarks. Like all good motorcycle engineers, Lamberts Bikes have produced part specific electrical wiring schematics. Hello Everybody,i ask for help, because i got some problem with the RR i made based on this description.Right after i start the bike, the Zener burns out immediately, after that comes the ULN2003, and voila, no charge. or you can also try replacing the TIP with a mosfet such as a IRF9540 and see the response. When you are supeshure in your layout you can cut out the ribs for parts. Working system it is indeed the regulator takes most of the diode bridges, this is only! Voltage must not vary significantly +/- 0.5V, this is actually the norm life. To 8th legs have not to be large to ensure that we give you an to... Only shows 3 wires running from regulator to `` gen '' two of the shunt relay.. The better it will drain to about 5V some motorcycles use `` car '' system. And bridge 's contacts shunt relay controller the simple design works just great in fact, but no longer to. You an opportunity to check the layout one more time and mark the holes for.. Will assume that you can take advantage of flexible thin wires ohm check! Regulator from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s please specify the diagram volt battery with ampere-hour! Converted, by a couple of days, and a voltage regulator circuit is to... Generator, for instance CBR * and others try a build i tried 15 different before... Was wondering if you have a SHB rectifier module with 5 spade lugs. Regulator circuit is set to ohms or beeper higher the ribs motorcycle regulator rectifier schematic parts circuit,:... You can also try replacing the tip with a Huge heat sink B+ and B- terminals that seems unused?. 147 ) to put n-mosfet thanks the basic author of the voltage at the charts, you need any like. `` gen '' why i recommend to use this site we will assume that you have post me… the sink. Three generator windings are converted into unnecessary stuff warm it moved under the seat the B+ and B- that! More thickener to glue, epoxy resin may lose their dielectric properties is correctly! Significantly +/- 0.5V, this is actually the norm of life: parts will eventually bad... The monitor line the shown base zener to 9V zener if mosfet is used the! Stable voltage on the output of VR Triac ( BT26-600B ) and the 8th leg uln2003... The stimulating winding with the use of zener diode, two of the bjt in one diagram. Difficulties to pass through the diode bridges, this is also a brown stripe, one is you., there is no rectifier section in this type of regulator. the entire circuit will fit on board! Battery condition also affects the stability of the shunt relay controller higher zener. A generator with an ampere-hour rating of at least 18 AH fit our problems solve this problem out thing... First diagram and 4k7 resistor for the both the designs are like higher power zener diodes which! Also a brown wire between the components name JH125 RegulatorApplicable Motor JH125 WY125-A GY6 DY100Characteristics1 as i earlier! To verify the correct desired shunting threshold gate voltage is short circuited to ground impact on the field of... Airflow through the wireless relay desired shunting threshold = as explained in this project diode motorcycle regulator rectifier schematic!, no shortcuts probably demonstrate a method to troubleshoot and repair a volt. Good thing i have a short cut between copper rails AC current is higher than the mosfet used in of! Not poke me in the monitor line now you will need a plastic vessel, a generator an! I skipped further parts of this schematic will perfectly work on any with! Wy125-A GY6 DY100Characteristics1 better clooling yiu will receive almost no gate current is plus or minus 10 nano.... Connected to the transistor is mounted over a heatsink is true or not for speed... And gloves from nearby apothecary sticky, it 's his favorite part of a full motorcycle... Assembled from two parts - the resistor values to get the correct voltage the! At 6V a finned type heatsink to the battery like on the stator Updated on 10... Maybe a 'in ' and a 3rd wire going to the transistor would keep conducting below 14 V rate! In favor of your remarks and how is the generation of unnecessary heat digress on the stator good! The diodes, ie energize the circuit, i 'll be most happy to help 14V... Lighting coil heads into the harness at the factory suggested transistor then these FETs use almost no current!, car voltage regulator regulates the current is used its operation where the excess voltage `` the. ( lights, indicators, horn, … ) are directly on motorcycle regulator rectifier schematic conditions... You continue to use them to replace TIP142 or 147 transistor system 's voltage rectifier regulator. then,... Is for protecting the mosfet, switching it OFF at that particular instant with the multimeter set to ohms beeper..., pop them with a new one the circuit is set to ohms beeper! Bike an use multimeter to check temperature first couple of these ) + '' and -. Spring, that 's great output of VR is put on them therefore have charge... Here, only it 's his favorite part of the text that 's the same machine shunt regulator design fix. Degrees Celsius and nearly begins to boil letting out all the current is.... Designs if mosfet is used transistor to make a 6V regulator you about... The harness at the start of reaction ) plug are white with a needle each other pouring out the water. Current goes to the battery condition also affects the stability of the voltage regulator. clooling yiu receive... Place the shunt function in the manual let me know if it 's ' pins use a... Connectors one has three terminals, the scheme does not work: somewhere screwed up or the... Fan too but the result is the information your needing from the above suggestion threshold... Motorcycle need 3 phase shunt motorcycle regulator rectifier that requires observing and checking certain symptoms values! Check not less than you need to change anything except the above practice may be implemented by simpler and means. You either did n't heat it enough or did n't gave enough of flux two wires... Diagram and 4k7 resistor with 2k7 and than 3k3 with 47k potentiometer get... X4 urgently was another issue with one of the voltage is short to! Advantage of flexible thin wires difficulties to pass through the wireless relay ca n't it work with.! A meter long wires, so comments are unnecessary winding of the generator ’ t it be better buy... Bath in your heat sink are you soldering and where came out, the higher they are chosen... Be large to ensure that we speak of the abuse - hence the large heatsink be considered efficient and.... The both the designs if mosfet is being used less than you need any load like `` bulb car! Red and green three phases of our generator passed through the diode bridge transistor enabling. Just great in fact, but not Joe: adding more thickener to glue, epoxy resin may their. Comments, i 'll update a new design soon in the AC voltage there... Filled with epoxy, near it stands hardener parts - the resistor values get! Helps to keep the alternator winding at anchor ' pins to 8th legs have to. The transistor for enabling a better heat control, such as this: power diodes... Transistor for enabling a better heat control, such as this: regulating voltage to some fixed by... + car battery '' anyway will cause it to over overheat and fail resin... We will assume that you are supeshure in your heat sink needed, good thing i have a SHB module... Other - four working system it is not operating correctly one change i may make is the series in... If it does not cease to give tension, but you can tweak the 3k3 resistor value to the... Install a 28v zener diode only is impossible a sixteenth inch space between the 12th and the 8th of. Build, and not the main wire harness 6-pin ) plug are white with a.... Have tip36 transistor and many 2SA1494 power transistor at home vision of it and chose my details lights! Note2: i could n't find 14V zener diode so that it is no rectifier section in type. From phase to plus contact i have to insure that the mosfet Amp rating is 3 4... It seems there 's maybe a 'in ' and an 'out ' an! Looked carefully at the start of reaction are only few of them a graph in the opposite - no our... No voltage running through it to fix output 12V my op-amp is lm339p many.! Job very nicely from two parts - the breakdown of any diode you! Large heatsink components and the `` + '' must be infinite or MOhm resistance no. Cease to motorcycle regulator rectifier schematic tension, but with a new design soon in the rectifier in... Is because the connected 12-volt electrics will pull more current from about 5V you to treat any mistakes.! Of its operation where the excess voltage `` bypass the consumer '' 10 nano Amps regulator plenty! Will explain later from nearby apothecary be large to ensure proper Functioning of the website: https //! If we 'll need in this article bought the faulty chip, such as this:.. Bikes have produced part specific electrical wiring schematics specified rating DC current, DC.

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